Monday, December 03, 2012


Remember all that talk about going back to brunette?

So yeah.

That happened.

Only, apparently I didn't do an excellent job and a lot of the red is still showing through. It's not that noticeable in the photo above, but in person? Yeah. Alan said, "well, it's kind of like highlights." So I'm waving a white flag and giving up on L'Oreal, and Garnier, and Feria and going to the pros to get it fixed. I have an appointment Thursday evening. 

Every time I see my reflection I'm weirded out. I've spent so long as a ginger that I'd gotten very used to that being me.

Also, apparently my mother in law doesn't really love me as a brunette. She told me the other night that my red hair was so pretty and so perfect for my skin tone and that I'm definitely supposed to have light hair. She didn't come right out and say she doesn't like this color, but she talked so much about how much she liked the red that it was kind of obvious what she was getting at. Still, I guess that's a better critique than when she told me after I chopped off all my hair into a pixie cut that I should put a bow in my hair so that people would know I was a girl. As if, you know, my rather buxom bosoms weren't a dead giveaway there.