Friday, January 21, 2011

mama called the doctor ...

After being sick for over a month I finally got an appointment with my doctor this morning.

They checked all my standard vitals (my blood pressure continues to be comically low) and had me blow into some tube thing. It took three tries to do it without coughing but apparently I managed to do it well enough that third time to show fine air flow.

My doctor says I don't have pneumonia - yet - but likely a bacterial infection given the repeated fevers and exhaustion. She's put me on antibiotics and if I don't feel better in a week to ten days I'm supposed to go get chest xrays. Unfortunately, because I'm allergic to codeine I can't get any awesome cough medicine so for now I have to stick with Nyquil and Dayquil to control that problem. It's a good thing I'm a weirdo and like the flavor, especially the cherry one.

With that it's back to bed for me. I'm supposed to get plenty of rest too and not overdo it. She asked if I needed a doctor's note for work. Bwah ha ha ha ha. That would require the places I'm interviewing with to actually make a decision.


  1. My god girl, you are posting so fast & furious I am so far behind with the commenting. I need to catch up! Hope the antibiotics work their magic soon.

  2. I like this new layout. Hope the antibiotics kick in soon. You've been sick too darn long.


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