Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Wow, February flew by, didn't it?

We're still working on the house, getting it ready for sale. The painters started today. I finished painting the kitchen cabinets last weekend. The house is empty. The basement is almost empty.

We haven't really done anything at the condo because by the time we're done with our day jobs, and working on the house, we don't really have any energy left over to make this place a home yet. Our bed is set up, and our couch is in front of the TV. That'll work for now.

I traveled to Portland for work earlier this week. Damn I love that place. I still have it in the back of my head that we should live there someday. Despite waking up this morning with a very sore throat (that has since morphed into a cough and fever), the trip was really good. I love my job.

Aside from trips to visit my sister in Ohio, and Alan going to his geek conference, we don't have any official travel plans lined up for the remainder of the year. That means I can start thinking about Scotland and Tofino. I won't book anything until the house is sold and we know what our finances look like, but I have a rough idea of what our itinerary will be. I just need to finalize the details. For our Tofino trip, I'm waffling on whether we stay on Chesterman Beach again - so amazing! - or whether we stay in town on the inlet. The inlet is so amazingly beautiful in winter and we don't get to see it much. I'm leaning toward that. We'll see. We still have months to figure it out.


  1. I'm really hoping I can convince Wendy that we *need* to go to Scotland later this year. I've wanted to go for years now.

  2. Yes, Scotland is a need, for sure.

  3. Yay for vacations!!


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