Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bathroom Pics

While writing my last post about the current state of our bathroom, I realized that I never posted pics of how the room turned out after our makeover in ... November. We still haven't added the faux batten to finalize the board & batten look though. My goal is to get that done before THIS Thanksgiving.

It's hard to paint a straight line when the ceiling's not exactly straight. I'd love to put crown molding up but that would require ... a straight ceiling.

I really need to sew a curtain for that window. Also, that magazine/TP holder is supposed to go over the tank but because of that funky angled wall and the size of our water saving toilet it doesn't fit. Also, I hate that light above the medicine cabinet. It was here when we moved in and we just haven't gotten around to replacing it. Or the electrical switches.

I'd love to put more hooks up along the top of the moulding because I'm tired of having an over-the-door hook.

In this photo you can see the shoddy work that went into the remodel in the 80s. That strip of wood at the seam of the vinyl flooring and the tub has nails sticking out of it. And the tile doesn't go all the way up to the tub in some parts. All in all, it's a hot mess.