Friday, November 23, 2012


In advance of selling the house this spring there are a few rooms that need some loving. The worst room in our house - the laundry room - is the biggest problem. First, it's small. And has a somewhat awkward layout. And aside from getting new appliances five years ago, we've pretty much ignored it. We talked about replacing the vinyl floors and ripping out a strange closet that cuts off the space, but after figuring out how much work that would actually take, against the amount of time we have before we list the house, we decided to just give it a cosmetic facelift, instead of a remodel. The biggest change in this room is going to be paint.

The color on top is the color of the entire room when we moved in, including the beadboard and ceiling. Everything was this horrible, industrial ecru color. We've painted the beadboard and the window and door casings Behr's swiss coffee (the same color as the fireplace), and will paint above the beadboard the same color as the kitchen. I can't for the life of me remember what color it is, but it's Martha Stewart and I really hope we have enough paint left for touchups in that room and two coats in this room.