Friday, May 18, 2012


I really need to start eating better.

Last Friday night we went out for a Mexican food feast where I consumed far too many chips & salsa, and a tamale and enchilada.

Don't worry - a lot of this was taken home as leftovers. But yeah. So full.

Then we went camping (separate post coming soon) and on our way to the campground we stopped at a cute seafood restaurant to consume a crab sandwich, crab cakes, and clam chowder. Then on Mother's Day we went to Alan's parents' house and I had a giant piece of cake. Then I spent three days at a work offsite where the food consisted of lots sandwiches, chips, and cookies. Oh, and candy.

I feel so heavy and bloated and gross right now. I feel a lot like this.

Blerg. I really need to start eating right - for me - again.

Tonight I'm making crock pot carnitas that I'll serve over a bed of lettuce from our garden. Hopefully over the next couple of days I can start to fully eliminate the after effects from all the starches and carbs from my body and start to feel a bit better. I think a trip to the grocery store is definitely in order!