Thursday, May 10, 2012


Being somewhat obsessed with Portland at the moment (my - not sure it's ours yet - backup plan in case moving to Canada doesn't work out), I have been keeping my eyes peeled for all things related to that wonderfully vibrant city. Most of what I'm keeping my eyes on is beer-related (the Pacific Northwest knows how to do an IPA!) or real-estate minded, but every so often I take off my blinders to look at what else is being talked about on the web. This led me to various Etsy sellers, one of who immediately stood out to me for her use of bright, bold colors, and fantastic illustrations. I could totally imagine having one - or two, or three - of these in my home somewhere.

Allusion - PrintFlit - PrintPods - Print
Morning - Print
I definitely think I need this one for my office.

Who are you currently loving on Etsy?