Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Once the rains finally came to Oakland, I went on a huge cooking spree. There's something so wonderful about having a warm house filled with the scent of your favorite foods on the stove while the rain pounds the pavement outside. 

30-minute bison & black bean chili

Maple-glazed pork belly & sauteed chard

Zucchini ribbons & arugula pesto with ricotta cheese

Baked eggs with country greens, tomatoes, and chorizo

Sausage, kale & white bean soup

Braised short ribs with mushrooms

Homemade BBQ sauce

Pasta sauce

Pork belly, cheesy cauliflower mash & braised kale

Quinoa pasta & chicken puttanesca

Poached eggs, kale & chorizo

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  1. there is nothing better than cooking comfort foods when it is raining :)! that bison chili looks amazing....we can't get bison at any grocery stores around here!


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