Tuesday, May 17, 2011

London Fog

Last night while checking in on the blogosphere (I had gone weeks without looking at any food blogs because I just wasn't feeling most of the recipes), I stumbled on a new blog - Just Bella. One of the first posts I read was for a quick & easy recipe called London Fog.

Because of my GERD, I'm constantly on the lookout for ways to reduce the amount of acid churning in my stomach. Because of this I've had to significantly cut back on my coffee consumption. I love coffee - the flavor, the nuttiness, the aroma. Coffee for a very long time had been my life blood. Because I'm at a much less stressful job than I was months ago, I no longer need quite as much caffeine as I used to to function. Still, because of issues stemming from my Graves Disease (yes, I'm a bit broke down), mornings are hard on me and even though I'm no longer a stressed out nutcase, I still need a kick in the pants to get going most days. To help boost my energy I've turned to tea. In most cases, Earl Grey. I love the flavor and aroma. My favorite is the double earl grey with bergamont from Stash (note to self: time to restock) but I sometimes find tea a bit ... boring. Not that coffee is exciting or anything - and not that I need my beverages to be thrilling - but drinking tea, to me, can sometimes be a bit of a bland experience. {Okay, I'm weird, I know this.}

So I was excited when I read the London Fog post. Earl Grey tea, vanilla syrup AND frothed milk. Sign me up! Unfortunately we didn't have any syrup on hand, so I put a bit of vanilla extract in the milk as it was frothing. I definitely want to get some syrup though because I can see how delicious this drink would be if made properly. And boring? Not a bit.

On a cold, rainy afternoon such as this, the London Fog is the perfect concoction to keep one both warm and energized.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad the recipe can spice up your morning!  I've cut back on caffeine/coffe recently myself so it's a perfect little decaf tea recipe too! And so easy...


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