Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thoughts on Our Kitchen

In looking at the picture of our kitchen (during what we were calling Phase 2) we both realized that ... we liked the walls better when they weren't blue. Damn. We spent some serious time painting them two weekends in a row sometime back in November 2008.

Ours is also a real "cook's kitchen" and it gets very messy, very fast. Those lower white cabinets are each stained beyond belief. White is hard to keep clean y'all. I'm thinking about maybe, at some point, who knows ... painting the lower cabinets a different color.


Or, maybe go back to white walls and bring in other shots of color?

DOUBLE GASP. White walls?!

Obviously whatever we end up doing has to be inexpensive and easy, because we're cheap and lazy, and if it's not both of those things it's not going to get done. Also, no matter how many pictures of rooms I mark in Pinterest as "Kitchen Inspiration" I have to understand - and accept - what I'm actually working with and come to the accepted conclusion that my room simply will never be like those rooms. It has definite limitations and I need to not hold our space up for comparison too closely against those rooms.

In looking at those inspirational pictures, a couple of things stand out.

  • I like white rooms with pops of color - usually gray, green, blue, or red (in various tones & shades)
  • Vintage accessories is a plus
  • Chalkboard walls are awesomesauce
  • Large chrome handles are good

For image sources, please visit my Pinterest board.