Monday, May 16, 2011

Camping Preparations

It's been awhile since we've gone camping - not for lack of desire, but rather for lack of time & availability (we have a hard time planning camping trips months in advance, but you can't just get a good campsite a few weeks in advance). The last time we went camping was the summer of 2009 when we went up to Humboldt - at the beginning of the trip Alan was suffering from a summer cold and by the time we drove home I was. Still, it was a fun trip and we really loved splashing in the Eel River swimming hole.

Since that trip we've been talking about doing more camping and I have planned a larger family trip for later this month up in Tahoe. I've always wanted to stay at D.L. Bliss State Park, and now we have two sites reserved for a bunch of us. Rather than continuing to use the little tent we've had since our first trip, we have been investigating getting a new, taller tent. We've looked at REI, Target, Costco and a couple of other places, but ultimately decided on getting a six person tent from Coleman via Target.

One of the reasons we chose this particular tent is because it's significantly taller than our previous one and it sets up in just a couple of minutes. As in two. Yes, we tested it. Now, anyone that has gone camping before knows that one of the worst parts about the whole trip is setting up and taking down an unruly tent at the beginning and ends of the trip. That will never be a problem for us as long as we continue to own this tent. In a word, it's amazing (if not a bit bigger and heavier than we are used to).

Step 1: Say "uh oh" when you see how big the box is.

Step 2: Take it outside immediately to see if it's really as quick to set it up as the website and accompanying videos proclaim.

Step 3: Unroll it onto your ghetto, lumpy lawn.

Step 4: Get bit by a bunch of creepy crawly vermin.

Step 5: Stretch it out to it's full size.

Step 6: Put the iPhone down and help your husband.

Step 7: Snap the poles into place so quickly that you say, "I must not be doing this right. It can't be set up already."

Step 8: Admire your handiwork.

Step 9: Decide to write a blog post because yes, this tent *is* that easy to set up and you have to share your new find with the rest of the world.

So now all we need for our upcoming trip is some firestarters, because while I am now obsessed with Dual Survivor I don't think I have the necessary skillz to create fire on my own. Oh, and hope that the park is no longer covered in snow. BECAUSE IT'S SNOWING THERE TODA.Y

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  1. We should plan a camping trip one year.


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