Thursday, April 07, 2011

Uncovering My Roots

The genealogy experiment continues.

Yesterday between my sister, BFF and myself, we managed to trace one arm of my dad's family all the way back to the Kings of Tyrone in Ireland, specifically Conn Bacach mac Cuinn Ó Néill, the 1st Earl of Tyrone, and his son, crazy-ass pig-headed Shane the Proud. He had at least 10 legitimate sons by several wives, not to mention the daughters that don't get much mention and the legions of byblows.

Some lines we couldn't find anything for, and others had a wealth of information.

On Alan's dad's side, last night I managed to trace the first-born sons all the way back to England of 1610, but the information doesn't go any further than that.

One thing I've noticed about both of our lineages is that the men were quite prodigious in their husbandly duties. Those poor women. One of Alan's ancestors had TWENTY-SIX CHILDREN. Can you imagine?!?