Tuesday, April 01, 2014

[FOOD] The Diet Experiments Continue

After our trip to New Orleans, we continued to eat vegetarian, but added seafood into the mix. For the most part, this was an incredibly satisfying way to eat. I can only recall a handful of times where I felt stumped by what I should have for lunch or dinner, or disappointed with what was ultimately consumed (and that was mostly when we ate at restaurants). At first, I found eating this way to be great for some of my skin and gastro issues, but the longer we continued with it, the less impressed I was. For the past month, in fact, I've noticed that a lot of my autoimmune issues are wreaking havoc with my body and with my energy levels, in particular. In addition to gaining weight, which is never good for your health, I have experienced extreme exhaustion for weeks at a time, joint pain on the entire right side of my body that had me bed ridden, and a return of some of the gastro issues that at first seemed to be conquered. So while I've really loved being able to eat bread and pasta again, I think I'm going to have to admit that they just aren't good for me and that I need to cut them out to improve my autoimmune health.

With about a month between now and when we go to Alaska, I really need to get healthy, including increasing my overall energy level, which will in turn hopefully up my activity level, and find a way to eat such that I feel healthier and my body hurts less. I don't want to say I'm going to eat Paleo again, because there is such a stigma attached to it, and I don't really follow all of the rules laid out by the Paleo evangelists, but I will be eating far less breads, pasta, and other refined carbohydrates in an effort to reduce the swelling and hopefully lose a bit of weight in the process.