Friday, December 27, 2013

{LIFE] A Very Caudill Christmas

I hope everyone out there in blog land had a safe, happy, and healthy holiday. We were a bit more low key than usual since the Caudill Kids (and two of their parents) were celebrating the holiday elsewhere. On Christmas Eve we cooked a batch of cassoulet for five, opened stocking stuffers, and were in bed well before midnight. On Christmas morning, we opened our presents, ate breakfast, and spent the day at Alan's parents' house before coming home to pack for Tofino. It was small, and quiet, and not at all the type of Christmas I grew up with, but it was still a wonderful way to celebrate.

(The rest of the post is like 1000 pictures [which are, unfortunately out of order and Blogger is being a dick and won't let me reorganize them in any easy manner].)