Tuesday, December 11, 2012


On Saturday night we jumped in the car and drove over to Alameda's Thompson Street to take in the neighborhood Christmas lights. The folks on this one-block stretch go all out every year and it is simply a winter wonderland. We got there a bit early so Santa wasn't on his chair in the median, but several of the houses were already decorated and ready for visitors. This might be my favorite street in all of the town. It doesn't hurt that it's lined with giant ginko trees that carpet the street in bright yellow leaves this time of year. I'm kind of obsessed with these trees. If I could live in this neighborhood, I'd snatch up a house there in a heartbeat. When we first started talking about moving there was a house for sale on this street, half a block away. It had a beautiful Christmas tree window and was just lovely. If only it was available on March 1.


  1. Oh wow... the way the trees are lit up is intense!

  2. There was so much light coming from some of these houses that not using my flash without a tripod was pretty easy. No lagging shutter speed there.


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