Tuesday, April 03, 2012


This weekend I updated the bathroom a little bit with some color. It was so flat and boring and I wanted something cutesy and vintage looking. Looking at it now, I don't love the shower curtain/rug combo. I have another blue shower curtain with bright pink dahlias (also from Pottery Barn) that I might hang instead to see how I like it. We don't have a lot of storage space in this room because of it having two doors, so there's not a lot we can do with it, but I'm still thinking up some additional ideas. We used to have the mirror in our loft and loved it. I can't remember the last time I used it here. Maybe we take it down and put the shelves back up? (Alan's going to kill me when he reads that.) I'm also looking for my big old rusted tin letters so that maybe we can hang them in here on one of the walls. I would also love to change out the light fixtures (an easy fix) and redo the floor (a not so easy fix). Penny tiles would look beautiful in here, no?


  1. Llingy4:49 PM

    I have been looking everywhere for that Pink Dahlia Shower Curtain.  Bed, Bath & Beyond no longer have it.  Do you have any ideas ???

  2. I've had it for over five years so I have no idea where you could pick it up today. Sorry. 


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