Friday, March 30, 2012


I might not be able to get the whole room cleaned up and picture ready, but here's a corner of the room looking out over our front patio and the street.

We painted the dining room the same moody blue that we used in the living room. Doing so has been such a great way to unify the spaces since they're really almost one big room. We also brought in an old console table we had since we lived in Pittsburgh (it's been sitting in our basement while I tried to figure out what to do with it). The blonde wood tones perfectly compliment the good color of our rocking chair. You might have noticed that I also changed out the deep forest green curtains in here for a lighter tan/gold. These are the same curtains we used in the living room. We had talked about making this update but it took us several weeks to get around to it. When I finally went in to Target all their curtains were on clearance as they made room in their stock for the new spring line. I ended up buying the last four curtains of this particular color and style in the store.

I haven't quite decided if I'm going to keep the console table and rocking chair this natural wood color. I had long thought I would go with an antique white for the rocker and seeing them side by side like this I think I could extend that to this table as well. On the flip side, we now have the 60s style chest of drawers across the room serving as the bar in the same golden wood, so maybe I don't need to touch anything. It'd certainly be easier if that was the case. If I do decide to paint them white I'm thinking I might also tackle the china cabinet and buffet. But oh, that's SO MUCH PAINTING. The lazy in me says to let it all just stay the way it is. Thoughts?


  1. Bonnie7:23 AM

    You table and chair are beautiful as is.  Ditto the cabinet and buffet.  Wood has a timeless, classic look and is line with the style of your gorgeous house.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Bonnie!


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