Saturday, February 04, 2012


I know it's not "the big time" and it doesn't really compare with some of the blogs I read on a regular basis, but I'm happy to report that we're now getting over 2000 unique hits to the blog every month. That's lovely to me. It makes it feel like I'm not just talking to myself - or my mom.

Strangely, one of our biggest traffic sources over the last week has been from an NBA site. I have no idea what this means or why anyone who is interested in basketball would be coming here. And my Kindle white screen of death post continues to drive a lot of outside traffic as well. But mostly everyone's interested in my posts about travel, food, and home decor. That's good, because that's what I'm most interested in too.


  1. Jenny3:47 PM

    Have you ever mentioned basketball before today?

  2. Wendy @ Old Town Home6:11 AM

    "It makes it feel like I'm not just talking to myself - or my mom."

    This totally cracked me up, and I know what you mean. Although my Dad recently started reading our blog (and even commented once). Considering this is coming from someone who said "I don't know why you think people will want to read about you" when we told him we were starting a blog, I see this as a major victory. 

  3. Obviously someone other than my mom is reading the blog, but for the first year or so that I was blogging if I got a new comment notification, I was 90% sure that it was from her. My mom is my biggest fan. :-)

  4. I'm pretty sure I haven't. You know I don't like sports, least of all basketball. I still have nightmares from playing the damn sport.

  5. Well, I'm still reading your blog and I'll always enjoy it. :)


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