Saturday, February 04, 2012


For the last long while Alan and a couple of former colleagues have been working to get their own technology company focused on news aggregation off the ground. Over the past few months, things have taken off and people are starting to really make use of the iPhone app (if you're interested you can download it here: My personal favorite channels are focused on celebrity, technology, and politics news, but there's also a section devoted to Apple, film, and Canada.

A couple of websites have written about the app, and feedback in general tends to be pretty positive. Recently though, the most awesome review ever was posted on a gaming blog. It is so absolutely amazing that I'd be remiss if I didn't share it with you all. Behold the wonder.

Yo yo yo, who says a gangsta can’t stay in touch with current events? I’m turning that stereotype around gangsta nation. I just picked up a new app, Scoople. Get the latest news in technology, Apple, celebrities, film, green, US politics, and Canada. Share with the homies on Twitter and Facebook. Stay current, like a real gangsta should.  
I really wish they had more news pertaining to the world. International news is important homie. You gotta believe that. Some gangsta shit goes down all over, you gotta up your game. Stay in the loop. Get a new perspective on the world. You feel me?  
Bottom line: If you wanna stay smart and current pick up this app. Plus, that shit is free. You got free knowledge at your finger tips, don’t pass that up.  

Yes, he included Coolio's Gangster's Paradise. Wonderful.