Monday, January 09, 2012


We took down the Christmas tree and other decorations yesterday. The house feels so empty now.

I bought a lamp and shade at Target and as far as I can tell the shade does not, nor was it ever intended to, attach to the lamp base. It just sits on top lolling about. Is this how Target is doing it nowadays? So sad too because it's a pretty good replica of a $280 lamp I'd been lusting after for a couple of years.

One of my goals for 2012 (I don't do resolutions) is to read 50 books. So far I've read five (three by the same author, Georgette Heyer). Admittedly, these aren't Pulitzers or anything.

Alan tore out one of the more offensive plum trees in our back yard over the course of the last few weekends. It's weird to look out and not see it anymore, but we have plans for the space. The goal is to have that area taken care of by his birthday.

Other than this, there's not much else to report at casacaudill. Hope everyone else's January is off to a tremendous start!