Thursday, January 12, 2012


I have a new obsession, thanks to a new-to-me blog, The Nesting Game. Having seen the bloggers Dark & Moody Bedroom Makeover on Design*Sponge this morning I fell into a swoon. First of all, you know how much I love navy, and the new bedroom paint color is fabulous. And those rugs, faded and worn, are absolute perfection.

But it's the bed that caught my eye the most. I am in love with that bed, a Jenny Lind style. Previously I'd only seen beds like this on cribs in twin-sized replicas for a child's room, so I never thought much of it beyond, "that'd be cute for Nora's room." But an adult-sized version? I want. I want badly.

Right now we have an Ikea bed that we had to purchase in a bit of an emergency when our previous Ikea bed fell apart. (That's probably why they stopped selling it shortly after they started selling it, eh?) I don't particularly love our bed, and it's definitely cheap looking, but it's been a great stop-gap for the last six years or so. Since then I've been trying to convince Alan that our next bed will be a grown-up bed, and not one you see in every staged real estate ad or vacation rental. I've sent him countless pictures of Pottery Barn beds in hopes of convincing him, to no avail. But the time is coming where we definitely need to do something. I am now on the hunt for something like this, but sadly I can't find anything in a king size. Anyone know where I can track this down?

(Gold star to those who get the title's reference.)

Edited to add: Alan informs me he's kind of meh on the bed. Apparently it looks more cabin to him than bungalow. #boohiss.


  1. No real help here.
    My sister's bed growing up was an antique double size jenny-lind bed in walnut - so essentially like the one you linked before it was stripped. It's lovely. 

    Around here, you frequently see old jenny-lind style beds on craigslist, but double is about as big as old beds got. I've never seen a new one, and that would be the only way to find a king. We're currently in a similar dilemma, because we prefer the look of older furniture, but don't really want an antique SIZED bed. The closet things I've seen have been in super-high end furniture, like, the stuff that makes ethan allen look cheap. Can't bring myself to spend that kind of money.

    Your ikea bed is ahead of ours though - we've lived for 5 years with our box spring directly on the floor.

  2. Aida Antinarelli1:15 PM

    Jenny's Number - the most popular "fake" number to give when you don't want to give your own.

    Although this is pricey...

    Similar style available in King. 

    Love how charming that would look.

  3. Oh, that is a lovely bed. Just gorgeous.

  4. Yeah, queen/full was the largest I saw when I searched. 


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