Thursday, July 28, 2011

Random Updates

I am suffering from a crappy summer cold. I want nothing more than to sleep for 20+ hours straight. Alas, my total vacation time from work also includes any sick time I take and I'm not sacrificing vacation for sickness. Thus, I am powering through. Thank goodness I work from home though. I'd hate to pass this bug on to my co-workers (although Alan is claiming the onset of a sore throat, so there's the downside of passing it on to my husband).

Because of my cold, work has pretty much stopped on the project I mentioned in my last post. It feels like we never finish any big projects around these parts, but I promise we are making headway and as soon as we do, I'll post pictures. In the meantime, here's a sad, sorry, ho-hum "before" picture from my iPhone. See. It was bad.

By the way, we're selling that bed at our upcoming yard sale so if you know anyone in Oakland or Berkeley that is looking for a cheap canopy bed, send 'em my way.

What else?

Our refrigerator is making some terrible noises. It started - or at least we think it started - last night. About every ten minutes Alan would ask, "did you hear that?" Inevitably the answer was no. Well, today I hear it. Every ten minutes. It sounds like the motor is revving (that's my expert opinion) and then it sounds like all the bottles are falling over. I've checked and thankfully they are not. Or have not. Unfortunately our $$$ Strauss milk went bad. I don't know if this can be attributed to the problems the fridge is having or if we just bought a bum bottle, but it sucks to have a 3/4 full bottle of milk go sour days before the "sell by" date. Especially when you paid a lot for said milk and had to pay extra for the bottle. At least the bottle's cute and I can use it for flowers down the road.


  1. Becky - when is your yard sale? I love Casa Caudill's taste so would love to swing by if I'm in town!

  2. Either August 12 or 19 - we haven't decided yet. I'll announce it here when we come to a definitive conclusion. :-D

  3. 19! I'll be in Boston on the 12th :)

  4. We're doing it on the 19th.


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