Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Have you ever woken up from a dream actually laughing out loud? That happened to me this morning.

Right before I woke up I was dreaming that I was somehow,  miraculously despite not being all that funny, a part of the SNL cast. During a skit that had me trying to order Viagra without actually saying what I was asking for I lost it and couldn't stop laughing (side note: one of my favorite things on SNL is when Bill Hader plays Stefan and he cracks up in the middle of the skit). Bill and Jason Sudeikas were in the skit with me and my laughing caused them to crack up and the three of us were laughing like hyenas while the live studio audience was looking at us like we'd lost our minds. We were completely unable to deliver our lines and I kept trying to hide behind a door as if I wasn't disrupting a whole network television show with my insane bout of the giggles.

It was kind of an awesome way to wake up.

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  1. LOL!  That's hysterical!


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