Thursday, September 15, 2011

In the Navy

I don't know what's come over me, but every day this week I've thought at random moments, "I'd really love a navy room." I think it's pretty obvious that we're not afraid of color in our house. And I'm one of those people that needs change. I broached the subject of changing up the furniture placement of some of our rooms and he looked at me like I was crazy. Given the furniture we currently have this is the absolute best, most functional setup we've been able to come up with. I suggested changing it simply because I need a change.

So then I started thinking ... maybe the paint? But what color? Each time I asked myself that question navy was what I pictured. And the more I pictured it, the more I liked what I saw.

But because the picture I see in my head probably won't do a very good job convincing Alan that I'm right and this must happen, I hopped on over to Pinterest where of course I found nearly 100 pictures of navy blue rooms. Some were amazing, some were gaudy, some were kitschy, some were modern, some were romantic, some were expensive, some were budget, some were elegant ... some were rooms that I would love to live in.

Source: via C.L. on Pinterest

And in case you're wondering, this is my idea of a perfect outfit. I really need that jacket. I have a really heavy weight wool military style jacket from SJPs old Bitten line that I got for $19.99 back in 2007, but I can't wear it all that frequently around here because it doesn't get cold enough. But something like that jacket would be perfect  And I love the touch of camel with the purse. I'm thinking I could probably very easily recreate this outfit for our trip to New Orleans ... if only I had that jacket.


  1. Jen Usher10:40 AM

    Love the navy room idea - I would live in every single one of the rooms you pulled, by the way. Also, you need to find that jacket, it's darling.

  2. I bought some blue paint samples today and put 'em up on the wall. One's more gray than I'd like, and ones more of a peacock color. In fact, it looks just like our bedroom color. I mixed 'em to see what that would look like and it's close to what I'd like. The hunt continues.

  3. Jen Usher2:14 PM

    Good luck! You have a great eye, anything you put together always works.


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