Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Window Shopping: Urban Outfitters

I'm in the market for a rust or coral colored throw for our couch. (I want to bring some of the orange undertones from the wood on the walls and around the fireplace into the room to help ground it and make it feel more integrated into the space. I've been checking out a couple of online retailers but so far haven't come across anything I would be willing to buy. And, um, Etsy? Yeah, whole lotta mess going on there. I did, however, find a bunch of other stuff that I think is really cute from Urban Outfitters. I'm not really a UO shopper (wrong demographic) but some of the stuff could work really well in a more whimsical cottage style abode.

  1. WC Caddy - $36 (I am definitely getting this for our bathroom to replace the one I bought at TJ Maxx that didn't have extra roll storage)
  2. World Map Wall Mural - $140
  3. Around the World Letters - $12
  4. Vintage Pop Shop Shelf - $24
  5. Rosa the Owl Bank - $16
  6. Antique Door Knob Hook - $14
  7. Jones Patchwork Quilt - $149
  8. Large Ceramic Shell Chandelier - $159
  9. Blue Bird Votive Holder - $19