Saturday, April 16, 2011

gardening (or not really)

Today we decided to check off two errands on our list - get an iPod enabled car stereo installed in the Highlander and go shopping for vegetables for our garden.

We stopped at Best Buy and hit a complete brick wall on the stereo front. We're going to have to visit a specialized sound shop to get this taken care of. Okay, next item on the list.

On our way to Berkeley Horticultural Nursery we stopped in to a new restaurant in Berkeley on San Pablo called Gaumenkitzel. As you can guess from the name it serves German fare. Alan ordered a carrot ginger soup while I got a salad with wild steelhead salmon. The salad was exactly what I was in the mood for - I'm totally loving salad lately. We also ordered a beer concoction made with a light wheat beer and lemon soda. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven on my first sip. To finish we got a poppy streusel which tasted great but is causing some serious "seed in teeth crevice" issues.

At the nursery we bought five varieties of tomatoes - some we've done before and others that are new to us - as well as chard and zucchini. I forgot to buy cucumbers and beets. That's okay though because when we came home to prep the garden for installation we realized that we gave back the rototiller we'd been borrowing from our friends and they're currently in Atlanta so we have no way of getting the dirt ready. I fear we may be heading out to Home Depot or OSH to buy our own. That's actually a good idea but it's a couple hundred dollars we weren't planning on spending today. Maybe since we didn't end up with the stereo we'll get the tiller and call it a wash.