Friday, January 28, 2011

Kindle White Screen of Death

Oh, the things that Windows has taught us.

Tonight I turned on my Kindle to find that it wasn't recognizing any of my books. No matter which one I clicked on it took me to the last page of the book I finished reading yesterday. Then I noticed that it wasn't connected to my home's WiFi. So I redid the whole password thing. Then nothing happened. And then the screen went blank. I tried searching online for what could possibly be wrong with it but none of the answers addressed a completely blank screen.

So, I Googled "Kindle White Screen of Death."  You know, like the Windows Blue Screen of Death? Lo and behold others had experienced this as well. The answer? It's not 20 seconds to reset but 30. And then you gotta wait another 30 seconds before anything happens. And guess what? That worked.

So I'm here to report that all the problems I've had with Windows in the past saved me from throwing my Kindle across the room tonight because I knew exactly what term I needed to look up on the internets, having experienced that damn blue screen far too many times in my life.


  1. That sucks. :( I had a frozen screen on my itouch one day and was like "um, crap" when a MAC user showed me how to reset it. Good thing too, because I totally didn't know how to figure it out on a MAC. I'd have googled when I returned home, but since there was someone at the table when I was muttering (and likely cursing the itouch), that worked well too. ;)

  2. My Kindle shows the white screen of death about once a week - isn't there a way to prevent this? Is it a bug or defect? I'm getting frustrated enough to return mine...

  3. Puppy Mom - unfortunately I don't know. This was the first time it happened to me but if it was happening to me as frequently as it's happening to you I'd return mine for a new one. Amazon has a terrific return policy.

  4. Thanks, I think I will. Once I can deal with but repeatedly - I'll pass. Hopefully all will go well!

  5. Shoaib3:37 PM

    Thanks a ton ! You nailed the problem - took me 2 hours to find your post


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