Sunday, January 23, 2011

bathroom decor

While out and about yesterday I purchased two white wood 16x24 frames with an 8x10 mat inside to hang in the bathroom. Ever since we decided on paint color and overall look & feel for that room I've known that I wanted to frame some pictures I took in Paris back in 2008 to add some elegance and drama to what is otherwise a pretty crappy room. (Yes, I went there.)

After playing around in Photoshop today, these are the pictures I've narrowed it down to but I'm having a hard time choosing my absolute two favorites because I'm somewhat attached to each photo for its own unique reason.

So, which two would you choose?


  1. Top left, bottom left. Top left 'cause hey, it's a shot of water in the bathroom, and bottom left because I don't think two tilted photos would work, but it's a nicely composed photo w/ depth.

  2. water fountain and tower.

  3. water fountain and middle bottom row.

  4. Top left, bottom left

  5. I love the whole last row the best, especially the last one!

  6. Oh wow. Blogger doesn't notify me when I have comments. Must look into this.

    So far it looks like top left & bottom left are the leaders, with a couple of other votes thrown in. I'll probably decide & order this weekend so thanks for the feedback. I do like the idea of the water fountain being in the bathroom now that y'all mention it.


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