Thursday, March 19, 2015

Chop, Chop

Back in January I made an ill-advised attempt to lighten my hair from deep brown to dark auburn using an at-home dye kit that was advertised as being specially formulated to do just that. Despite the number of times that I have had major hair fails using boxed dyes, I had high hopes that this time maybe something would be different.

You see where this is going, yes?

Well, I ended up with bleached roots, and hair that was *slightly* lighter than when I had started. I was so embarrassed by the roots. It was pretty bad.

A couple of days later I had an appointment at a salon in Oakland that has excellent reviews when it comes to color correction procedures. In late January I was sitting in a new stylists seat telling her the History of My Hair, and what I had most recently done to precipitate a visit to her chair. I sat there for over two hours while she gently stripped the dark brown/black dye from my hair to determine what the next step would be. I was calm the entire time, but she was not. She told me afterward that she kept waiting for me to freak out, especially when I told her that we were going to Las Vegas in a couple of days. I think maybe she's used to really high maintenance clients? I figured the absolute worst that could happen was that my hair would become a terrible mess and I'd have to cut it all off and start over. As I'm no stranger to super short pixie cuts, I knew that solution wouldn't be ideal for me, but it wasn't a deal breaker. As the hours wore on, we were both inordinately pleased to see that when she stripped the black dye from my hair that a beautiful shade of red was left underneath. I can only guess that it was from when I had been coloring my hair with henna, while she was confused because she expected something much different. She put a glossing layer on top and away I went, my next appointment scheduled for early March.

During this in-between time we visited Vegas and Hawaii and the chlorine and salt water from the pool and ocean during our vacation did a number on my hair. In addition to my roots having grown in quite aggressively, the ends of my hair had started to look like I spent a good amount of my day chewing on them.


The night before my salon visit, I met up with some friends I hadn't seen for many months for dinner and because I didn't want to look like a hobo, I put on make-up and made an effort to make my hair all pretty and nice, including spending about 30 minutes using the flat iron on it. It didn't look terrible, but it took a lot of pomade, leave in conditioner, and ironing to have it look this sleep. Basically, it took too damn long, so I knew something besides just a root touch up needed to be done. I considered getting it cut really short again, and even debated doing so on Facebook. By the end of the night I had decided on maybe just a trim.

Well, that's not what happened.

After she took care of my roots and then brightened up the rest of my color I was feeling a bit spunky so I asked her for an asymmetrical bob. It was a departure for me but when I walked out of the salon I really loved my hair.



It's been a couple of weeks since then and the color has faded a bit more than I had hoped, but I am really enjoying the cut. If I want to be lazy and not blow dry it, it still manages to have some style. And when I go all out, it looks really chic. I think maybe I won't be attempting to grow it out anytime soon.


  1. I really like it!! Maybe you need to buy hair sunscreen to protect the red colour? Red is the worst for fading

  2. Wait, what is this hair sunscreen you speak of? (Off to investigate ...)


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