Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bloglovin > Feedly

I'm not going to lie, when Google Reader went the way of the dodo, I was pretty despondent. Not only did I use Google Reader to keep up on all of the blogs I loved, but I really enjoyed the social aspect of it - sharing interesting articles with friends and then having a conversation about the article was pretty darn rad. In fact, it introduced me to a lot of friends of my friends, and over the years we've become friends. Damn Google Reader, you were awesome. And then you were gone.

And then Feedly was born. I like Feedly alright. It's not great, and it's not terrible. Sure, it's basically just a feed aggregator, but it gets the job done. Or so I thought. You see, since moving to Wordpress photos from my posts do not show up in Feedly. So if you're subscribed to my blog in Feedly, you only get text. And let's face it, we all like pictures in our blog posts. All those great pictures of Alaska? You didn't see them if you were reading via Feedly. Sure, you can click through to the actual blog post, but I know not many people take the time to do that. We want it all in one handy dandy place and we don't want no extra clicking to waste our time. I'm almost wondering if the lack of pictures in my posts is why my comment count went way down. I know one person told me they stopped reading my blog because I stopped posting pictures. I was like, "NO I DIDN'T DAMMIT!"

At first I thought it might be a WordPress problem. I was assured by WP that it was not and that I should contact Feedly. I did. I never heard back. And that right there folks is the straw that broke the camel's proverbial back.

So I started looking around at other options, and based on all the Bloglovin love I was seeing between my blogging friends, I checked it out. And you know? I really like it. I like how it recommends new blogs to me that aren't the same old ones that everyone already knows about. (Hey Feedly, pretty sure you don't need to keep recommending The Pioneer Woman and Young House Love - we all know about them by now.) I also like that my picture show up and that when you see my posts, it links you directly back to my blog.

So yeah, Bloglovin > Feedly.



  1. Hello,

    This is Edwin from the feedly team. I briefly looked at this issue this morning and confirm that the fact that images are not showing up in feedly is a feedly bug. I have opened a bug internally for the dev team to look into this and see why it is happening. We have big release for the last week of August. I will try to make sure that the fix is included in that release.

    We are a small team but we are in the process of staffing up our support to make sure that we do not drop the ball in cases like this. Between now and then you have my email.

    Have a great week end.


  2. Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for following up with me about this issue. I'm looking forward to hearing how this gets fixed.

  3. Hello,

    We were able to reproduce and fix this problem:

    The fix will be part of the update which will roll out at the end of this month.

    Thanks for helping us make feedly a better product: this bug is going to fix feedly for a lot of other blogs too.



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