Friday, November 01, 2013

{TRAVEL} New Orleans, You Just Can't Keep Us Away

When Alan went to GENCON with our friend Tom (from back in our Pittsburgh days), the two of them talked about our group taking a trip to Las Vegas in the not-too-distant-future. As Alan and I discussed what we wanted to do for our anniversary, a quick trip to Vegas sounded like a good option. In the meantime, I'd been watching a slew of TV shows set in New Orleans and had not-so-subtly said to Alan (multiple times) that it would be really cool to go back there for a quick long weekend trip and wouldn't our anniversary be a great time to do it. We talked about inviting Tom & Sarah to join us so Alan dropped him a note. I reminded him to throw New Orleans in as an option too. Lo and behold, T&S were down for Nola and planning commenced. We looked at several different options, and after weighing the positives and negatives of Mardi Gras versus not Mardi Gras, we decided to go before the mass descended on the Big Easy. Interestingly enough, this timing worked out to coincide with our dating anniversary - January 2014 will be 18 years together. And we've known Sarah & Tom for the majority of that time. In fact, Alan knew Sarah well before he knew me. So yeah, we're thrilled to be celebrating both our dativersary and wediversary with two great friends in one of our favorite cities. Everything's booked and ready to go!