Wednesday, October 30, 2013


It kind of makes me sad when Google+ pushes the "People You May Know" updates to me and they're right. I do know them. At one point I knew them really well - we'd been to each other's houses, celebrated personal victories and commiserated over defeats, and vice versa. If pressed, I would have said that we were really friends and not just reacting to the fact that we worked in the same office. Unfortunately it became painfully clear to me that feeling was one-sided. It's kind of why I've put less emphasis on work relationships. I had to learn the hard way that sometimes work friendships - however great they might be at the time - have very rarely translated to real, strong friendships outside of the office.

Speaking of Google+ - I went and got myself a fancy vanity URL:

Not sure why this is important, but they seem to think it is and they were handing them out so there you go.