Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{LIFE} Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Things have been quiet around the blog since we got back from Portland. Work has been busy for both of us and we've both been sick again so there's not been a lot TO talk about.

This weekend, however, is sure to be filled with FUN. You see, it's cucciadati time. What are cucciadati, you ask? Only the best, most awesome, utterly amazing Sicilian fig cookies. We make them every year with Alan's mom and brother. Because of holiday travel schedules, we're doing it a bit earlier than normal, but that's good because it should help get us in the Christmas spirit. Even though it's not yet Thanksgiving, I might be tempted to play Christmas carols on Saturday to help us along in our endeavors. Hmm, I wonder. Should I also put up the tree?! (Crazy talk, right?

I mean, these pictures pretty much prove that it's mandatory to have the tree up, right?

I'm curious to see how this works out in our apartment. We have a smaller table for cooling and icing the cookies, but overall more counter space for prep work. 

The plan for Sunday - if we're not totally exhausted from an all-day baking fest - is to go kayaking on Lake Merritt. With our Alaska cruise getting closer by the day, we really need to start training for what is bound to be a large part of our two weeks away.