Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When we lived at The House, we had separate office spaces but when we moved into The Apartment we had to combine two spaces into one. This meant taking stock of what we had (two desks, two chairs, two bookshelves) and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. While we ultimately kept the shelves from both of our offices, we got rid of the desk & chair from my office in favor of the antique pieces from Alan's office.

Our desk is an old farmhouse style table (era unknown), and our chair is a 1930s (or 1940s) lawyer's chair that has been in Alan's family for awhile. It's a beauty, but for years it sat in Alan's parents' garage as no one had any real use for it. Alan rescued it and took it to a wood worker to restore its finish and fix some of the mechanical elements. Back in Our House it looked perfect. 

But looks can be deceiving. 

You see, this chair is also a rude, crude torture device. My tailbone is bruised and my ass hurts like the dickens. I've tried to fix this with a cushion but because our "desk" is actually a table, the space between my Rubens-esque thighs and the chair doesn't really accommodate a lot of extra padding.

But it's terribleness doesn't stop there. Oh no, that'd be too easy.

On Sunday I had to spend a couple of hours working. I sat down at the desk, opened PowerPoint, and started thinking about what I wanted to do. I turned to the right to look out the window ... and that's when it happened. I fell completely backward and THE DAMN CHAIR FELL ON TOP OF ME. This chair, y'all, it is not a lightweight. That's some old timey hard wood. I took this picture after I stopped crying. You can see my foot from where I fell and wouldn't move until I was damn good and ready. And here's the damage the next day:

That's a blurry, strange picture of the back of my knee. I have giant bruises all the way across the back of my legs, and I'm not gonna lie ... it hurts. The first day after this happened I actually had trouble walking. I'm starting to get better, but I'm not at all pleased about this chair. 

It's a beauty, but it's gone!

Since I spend hours sitting here each day, the plan is to invest in a high quality office chair. Likely an Aeron. These suckers aren't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but based on the feedback we've heard throughout the years, this will save me a lot of pain and suffering. 

Unfortunately, its beauty is lacking ... and with our office being such a public space in the apartment, I'm less than thrilled with this turn of events but at some point I need to accept that comfort is more important than style. I mean, I've already accepted that with my wardrobe - why not with my office decor?