Sunday, August 18, 2013


I am in the process of putting together all of our Scotland trip information to one giant briefing book (my PR friends will get this), when I stumbled across a picture of a room that stopped me in my tracks. Between our giant leather bed, and the various wood tones in our house, it's no secret that I lean more toward a masculine room than anything flirty, feminine, or calm and soothing. My favorite rooms filled with leather, books, wood, and smell like pipe tobacco.

And let's be honest, our last bedroom was first peacock teal and then deep, dark chocolate - this soft greige, as much as I should like it, just doesn't sit well with me.

I like me some drama. Obviously, I've been struggling with our bedroom here. From the light paint, to the beige carpet, to it just not really feeling like mine. I want to put our stamp on it. And then it hit me - paint! I know Alan *hates* the idea of painting, but really, it's so cheap.

So what am I thinking, you ask?

Deep, dark, dramatic forest green. Add in some antique bedside tables, and some new curtains, and some gold frames and our room would be perfect. 

I mean, seriously. It's perfect.