Monday, April 01, 2013


We took offers on the house on Wednesday. By Thursday morning we were in contract for a price that we are very happy with. (Once the sale becomes public record, I can talk more about the various offers we got and what we ultimately went with.) Because we're fancy, we celebrated the deal with bar food & beer at Cato's in Oakland, where we were treated to a bluegrass trio. All in all, it was a lovely night. The (potential) new owners are going through the appraisal phase, so as soon as that wraps up, they'll remove all contingencies and we'll be on our way to a quick close. If everything goes according to plan, we'll wrap up on April 17.

Which is good, because we're going to Hawaii on April 18.

Yeah, I know.

About a week ago as Alan was getting ready for work he mentioned us taking a quick trip to Mexico. I looked into our timeshare options and the only thing available was an all inclusive that would have cost as much as the same hotel + airfare on Expedia, so obviously that wasn't a good deal. I looked in to adults only all inclusive options in Riviera Maya and while some of them were great, it didn't seem prudent to spend over $3000 and 8 hours in transit for a four night trip. So I looked at what timeshares we had available in Hawaii and found a bunch of good options. After going back & forth, we requested the time off from our bosses this morning and this evening I booked the condo. It'll be a quick four-night trip, but should go a long way in decompressing from the stressful house selling saga we've been going through these past several months.

We've often talked about booking a last minute trip, but I'm a bit Type A and I'm definitely a planner, so we've never actually done it. Since we aren't really doing much planning this time around, we don't have any big expectations. We know which beaches we like to visit on the Big Island, and we know some things we'd like to try. Since we've been there a handful of times already, there's really no pressure to do any of the major touristy stuff. I'm thinking it'll be a nice break.


  1. Funny - this is the 1st time I've looked at your photos and been able to say, "Hey, I've been to most of those exact spots." Good times. :)

  2. You deserve it after that crazy experience with trying to sell your house. I hope you have an amazing time!!

  3. I want to go with you!

    No, seriously. I do. The photos look absolutely gorgeous. You guys are going to have an amazing time and you really truly deserve it after all the craziness you've been through over the past few weeks. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. That Jeanette! All of the photos are from our March 2011 trip (with the exception of the last one, all are pre-tsunami). I'm really just looking forward to relaxing and hanging out without having to worry about anything.

  5. I'm sure we will. I mean, how can you not?

  6. And next time it'll be Kauai for you guys and I can say the same thing. :-D

  7. Monique J1:38 PM

    Congrats on the pending sale!

  8. Yvette2:24 PM

    Hope escrow is going well! Have fun in Hawaii. :)

  9. It's crazy how we were going through opposite ends of the spectrum at the same time!


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