Thursday, March 21, 2013


As I've mentioned like 100 times, I've been kind of obsessed with rugs for the condo since we moved in. I know what our upstairs neighbors sound like and I'd like to do everything in my power to make sure our downstairs neighbors have some protection against our clod hopping. Ever since staying at Middle Beach Lodge I've wanted to add kilim elements to my living room. I bought some pillows at Target last year that achieved this somewhat, but it still wasn't enough for my wants. When I realized that we were going to have a dining nook in our living room, I wanted to anchor the space with a kilim rug.

Incidentally, this is pretty much the look I'm going for with our dining nook, right down to the same table & chairs.

So, I scoured eBay. And I watched items. And then I bid on some items but lost - by a lot. So imagine my surprise when last week I actually won something I bid on. In thinking about the space, and measuring, I went with a rectangle versus a square because we're looking at a rectangular area. Unfortunately, my measurements were just a tad bit off, and the rug - arrived earlier today - is a bit too narrow to house a table & chairs. However, it works almost perfectly in front of our window by the bar and china cabinet.

Now I just need to properly align it and tuck it under the furniture. I actually really like it there, so I think I'll keep in.

Now I'm on the hunt for an 8x10 to replace the $89 red rug that used to reside in our bedroom and has been anchoring the space in our new living room. I like the red for a masculine bedroom, but I just don't love it in this space. We'll see. It took me almost two months to find something that I liked enough to place a winning bid, so I'm sure it'll be quite awhile before I come back and say that I've found something. I'm just really excited that I have my first kilim rug and I'm well on my way to achieving the look I've wanted since 2010.