Monday, September 24, 2012


We have a white shag rug in our bedroom. I loved it when we first got it. So nice and fluffy and bright. And then we walked on it. For years. And Dakota vomited on it. And maybe had an accident or two or ten (although with her we think it's less accidental and more on purpose). And what was fun and fluffy two years ago is now greige and stained and well ... less than welcoming. I've been thinking I wanted a new rug in the bedroom since we came back from Kauai and had to shampoo our rug only for the stains NOT to come out. I didn't really know what I wanted, except that it couldn't be white and that it needed to be easily cleaned by our carpet cleaner. I looked at Home Depot (where we got our living room and dining room rugs) and didn't love anything there. And then when we were at Alan's parents' house yesterday inspiration struck. With the new deep chocolate walls and the more masculine bedding, a deep, rich red in a traditional style would look awesome. Since my white bedding has red stitching (something that didn't work so phenomenally with the blue & brown plaid on its own), a red rug would help make it look less disjointed. I looked online at lunch today and found a PHENOMENAL deal at Alan's on a flight to DC but with Virgin America's wifi I was able to send him the link and chat it over. And then I hit purchase. So yeah, this'll be going down in the bedroom this weekend.

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  1. I love traditional carpets like this. They are so timeless and they go with everything.


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