Sunday, August 26, 2012


A couple of weeks back I posted this photo as inspiration for a bedroom makeover.

A few hours later, I dragged Alan off to Ikea where we picked up the plaid duvet cover. A week or so after that we painted the bedroom Bittersweet Chocolate from Benjamin Moore. And then I found some really pretty textured sheers at Target.

Yesterday we finally put it all together.

I still hate our faux iron bed, but we don't have plans to replace it immediately. The bed I really want is a couple of thousand dollars and that's just ridiculous. Besides, we need a new mattress too and that's more important.

As you can see, it's not an exact match - not even close - but it accomplishes a lot of what I wanted: a masculine room that is dark & moody and best of all PLAID. Yes, I am mad for plaid. In the winter I have a brown cable knit blanket that'll get added, but it's still a bit too warm for that.

I want to come up with a better system for storing my hats and hanging my necklaces. I'm thinking about adding little hooks to the bottom of the mirror, or maybe below that a thin piece of reclaimed wood with some industrial or rustic knobs.

The rug isn't holding up very well - once upon a time it was a thick, lovely cream color but now it's kind of a shaggy grey mess. I'd like to replace it but that's also not an immediate need. We do eventually need something that we can use our carpet cleaner on and this style just isn't it. I'm thinking maybe a deep burgundy oriental design, but that's a long way off yet.

As you can see from the pictures, Dakota definitely approves.

Edited to add: I think where our wedding photos are I might want to put up a national park poster - Yellowstone, perhaps? - or create a painting. I love our wedding photos but the mat is starting to turn yellow and there are no brown speckles in the lower right quadrant.


  1. Wendy - Old Town Home8:38 AM

    It looks so cozy! I can picture you snuggling up in there with a mug of hot cocoa, a good book, a big snowstorm outside, and of course Dakota! Nicely done. :-)

  2. I think in the winter I might add velvet curtains to create even more coziness.
    When it snows in DC, can you make sure to send some my way? :-)

  3. Love love love. I adore plaid, too, and am seriously considering having winter/fall bedding and spring/summer bedding. Where are the curtains from?

  4. Wendy - Old Town Home9:09 AM

    Sounds heavenly. I love velvet curtains.We switch out our bedding in the summer, removing the down duvet and replacing it with a lighter quilt.

    We don't get much snow around here, but we'll try to send some your way if we do. Alex is like a little kid each winter, doing the snow dance to get out of "school." Some things never change. ;-)


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