Thursday, June 07, 2012


Hilary's post over at My So-Called Home reminded me that I have big, unrealized plans for the small hallway that leads from our kitchen to the bathroom, and passes right outside my office.

That space is really the only untouched space in our whole house - it looks exactly like it looked when we bought the place back in 2006. Well, except for a few new cracks in the plaster from last year's serious of quakes. Otherwise, boring, bland, and blah.

Since I plan to paint a chalkboard wall in the kitchen right outside that space I don't think I want to go too dark. In fact, contrary to my love for deep, saturated color in the rest of the house, I think I want to re-paint all the trim and ceiling a bright white, and then put a very pale gray on the walls. Almost a white. Just a little depth, you know?

And, going back to Hilary's post, I would love, love, love to find a Federal-style mirror to put on the wall opposite my office door. See how pretty they are:

Source: via Kendra on Pinterest

I'd also love to change the lighting in that space as currently we've got the standard $29.99 nipple light from Home Depot. I'd love to go super fancy and girly with a crystal chandelier, but I'm not sure the space is large enough. Perhaps I could go with something like this inexpensive option from Ikea.

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

Anyone have the Kristaller?