Friday, April 06, 2012


It's getting warmer here in Oakland - very spring like.

Our backyard is a mess of overgrown grass and weeds (our lawn mower broke last weekend so until we get a new one it's going to stay like that)

The sun is shining.

The birds are chirping.

Trees are coming to life and the lavender is blooming.

I've opened a bunch of windows to let in the fresh air. (Which probably explains why my allergies are out of control!)

To celebrate this change of season, Alan suggested we take the grill out from its winter hibernation in the basement and grill us up some tri-tip for dinner tonight. Life is good when you're eating a perfectly grilled piece of meat, accompanied by fresh veggies, and a great glass of Cabernet. Our go to wine of choice for this meal is from Hawkes Winery in Alexander Valley.

Eating Paleo+ is so much easier when the grill is fired up.