Sunday, January 29, 2012


Several years ago - before it was the trendy thing to do - we put up a gallery wall in our front room. It was mish-mash of frame styles and random pictures and while I liked it, I never really LOVED it.

We're doing some redecorating in the dining room and this gives me an opportunity to update the gallery wall in a more cohesive style. After looking at all of our frames I've decided to move the small white ones into my office since I already have a white frame set going on in there. That leaves me with wood and black. In reviewing the inventory we have more than enough large wooden frames to do a wall of just those. I like that idea because it will unify the decor and bring a bit of cohesiveness to what was otherwise a bit visually chaotic.

Unfortunately the frames are actually too large for the space I have to work with by about three inches. So now I need to re-think the layout and come up with something that will work so that I can put this project behind me and move on to others.