Saturday, November 05, 2011

new look for the blog

To coincide with month of November, I wanted a look that reminds me of the things I'm thankful for. With the changing of the season, I spent some time this evening sprucing up the blog to match the feel of autumn - reds, oranges, warm, soothing, happy.

This is, as you know, one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Bozeman at the end of September to visit my mom. Even though the trip was for a sad reason, we felt very relaxed in Montana and we loved walking from our little cottage down to the Gallatin River about 150 yards away. The trees in the background were starting to turn orange, yellow, and brown for autumn before the harsh winter hits the area.

I'll probably put together another banner in December as we move into the core of winter and the holiday season. Until now, here's to fall.


  1. Here's to Fall!  We have snow on the ground now.  I really love the first few snowfalls, so pretty.

  2. So jealous of the snow! It's far too sunny here for my liking (although it's finally starting to get cold).


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