Saturday, October 01, 2011

Tofino - Day 6

This was a rainy, lazy vacation day, to be sure. In any other place, a day spent getting sprinkled on, followed by being rushed indoors when the rains really came, could be considered less than successful. But we got our walk on the beach in the morning, and we did our souvenir shopping, and we had a good lunch, and since we actually enjoy spending time with one another, it was actually a pretty lovely day.

I realized that on our last trip I didn't take such great pictures of the main lodge so I used this morning after breakfast to remedy that, especially since so many of the elements of this place are things I want to incorporate into our own style at home.

I would love to find some kilim accents for our living room and dining room. Our couch, while not corduroy is deep and cushiony and very nearly in the same color family. I've already purchased curtains for the living room to mimic the slightly textured ones in these photos. I'd like to add more lighting to our room, probably by switching out the ceiling fixture and adding in task lighting in various areas. I'm trying to figure out if we could build a sofa table to go in the nook behind the couch and in front of the bay window to add some lamps there. It's doable, but do we have the time or inclination. And you all know about my quest to paint the living room a perfect shade of steely ocean gray/blue.

After breakfast we went walking on Chesterman Beach and Frank Island. It's really just another in a long line of absolutely beautiful stretches of beach along the coast. I'd give an ovary to have a house on Chesterman Beach. If you've got an extra $1.95 million laying around that you're not doing anything with, I know exactly how you can put it to use.

After our walk along Chesterman we headed into Tofino for our last day of wandering the town. We did some shopping and picked up crab for our last dinner. Once we got back to the cabin the water was really coming down. But we were nice and toasty inside with our wool blankets and our electric fireplace. I would occasionally look out the window to see who was braving the beach and each time there was a little girl on her little cruiser bike (I had one just like it at her age), with her dad strolling along behind her. I'm sure it was the best thing she'd ever done - roaring down the sand with the wind in her hair and the water splashing her in the face. My four year old self would have loved it tremendously. My thirty-four year old self loved watching it from warmth of my cabin perched above the ocean.