Friday, September 23, 2011

Updated Mantle

We have a beautiful fireplace mantle that I rarely take the time to decorate. Most of the time it's basically as non-functional as you can get with a piece of built-in furniture. Sometimes it houses our candle lighter. Or spare change. Or other random junk. Truthfully, it's usually kind of a mess and I got sick of looking at it but I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do specifically. While at Michael's last weekend I picked up a new grapevine wreath since that seemed kind of autumnal and in keeping with the look I'm going for with the room. In the next aisle over I spied some pheasant feathers that I absolutely loved. But I knew those two things alone weren't going to cut the mustard. I decided to go home and think on it and then I came up with the idea of incorporating the shells I've been collecting on our various trips over the last few years. Once I put the wreath together (and burned myself on the hot glue gun), I went shopping in other areas of the house to find accessories that worked. This is the result.

I probably need something else on the left side to balance the pop of color on the right with our smiling antelope figurine. I haven't figured out yet what that'll be. I'm sure it'll come to me in the next week ... or six.

Stay tuned for another decor update in this room as we transition to a different look & feel. In the meantime though, I should probably finish up the Tofino trip recap.

The Lettered Cottage


  1. Lovely seasonal mantel update and the woodwork in your home is spectacular!

  2. Thanks Erin! That woodwork is a pain to keep pretty but it is a pretty spectacular feature of the home. We debate painting it white (the majority of our house had already gone that route by the time we bought it), but I think for now we'll keep the natural wood tones. 

    I'm still not sure the mantle is done. It feels like it's missing something. Maybe some straw in the cream pitcher? A framed seashell? I'm going to have to think on this. I hate for things not to be finished. I get twitchy.


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