Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Oakland Wildlife

The other day after work we decided to head down to Lake Merritt at sunset to feed the ducks. This really translates to "feed the geese" because those buggers are everywhere. I bet they outnumber ducks 20:1. It was a lovely enough evening that we were able to take a bit of a walk around the lake as well. I'm really glad Oakland has this because it's such a benefit to the community, not to mention so picturesque.

I'm particularly in love with this pic of the pelicans. They came together about 100 yards ahead of us and then turned around and started swimming toward us. The closer the got to us, the closer their formation became. By the time they were about 10 feet in front of us they looked like a perfectly orderly little unit.

This lone white duck (goose?) was such a talker. I kept laughing at him/her and s/he'd chatter louder. I ended up giving a large majority of my bread to this little one because s/he was so charismatic. I'm a sucker for animal cuteness.

For those that are curious, I took all of these on my iPhone and edited them in an app called Camera+ ($1.99). Outside of (free) it is my absolute favorite.

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  1. The picture of the pelicans is gorgeous.  Looks like a fun day.  I always feed the birds when we go to the lake.  They're amazing to watch.


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