Thursday, March 24, 2011

When the Lights Go Down in the City

I really suck at coming up with titles for my posts, so please bear with me. I promise to try harder.

Upon rearranging our bedroom after about a year of living here we realized that we desperately needed sconces above the bed for night reading. I'd rather always buy something cheap that'll last a couple of years than invest in something good that will last for many years (I think this is because I change my mind about decor frequently and if I have something inexpensive I won't be locked in to one particular style for too long). After looking at the sconces offered by Pottery Barn and loving them - but not the price - we settled for a great deal at Osh: $70 for two!

While I didn't necessarily love the lamp shade that came with them, I never changed them out. (Side: I finally broke down and bought two new drum shades this weekend that unfortunately didn't fit because of the swing arm style). The faux oil rubbed bronze look worked perfect with the bed and everything was "good enough." That is, until the other day when I went to straight the arm and it broke off. OOPS.

It being about 10 p.m. when this happened, there really wasn't much we could do except employ a time-honored fix: break out the neon green zip ties. You have no idea how many things in this house have been "fixed" with zip ties. As much as Alan's dad loves lag bolts, Alan loves these damn things. It's his answer to everything! I've even taken to calling him Zip Ties Caudill whenever we're in the process of a home-related project as inevitably he'll break them out. Yes, they do their job. Yes, there is a time and a place for them. 

Sadly, the place is not my bedroom, so now I need to find another lighting option for this area. Alan has requested a find something that doesn't "stick out quite as far" so the swing arm style is out. I do love the options at Pottery Barn, but I'm torn on biting the bullet in terms of cost.

So, any reader recommendations on where else I can get pretty, inexpensive sconces?

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  1. Jen Usher4:27 PM

    Oooh, love the Pottery Barn options but agree that they are fairly $$$. Hilarious that you call Alan "Zip Ties Caudill" - that's Will's go-to fix for ANYTHING around the apartment. Where do guys come up with this?


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