Monday, February 21, 2011

moving along in the office

We never made it to Urban Ore yesterday, but that's okay because inspiration struck last night about what I could do about a desk. A couple of years ago I bought a drop leaf dining table (at Urban Ore for either $24 or $40, I can't remember), brought it home and painted it white. We really had no practical use for it so it's moved from room to room acting as a laundry folding station and an extra buffet for when we have holidays at the casa. The table has been hanging out in the dining room since Thanksgiving and so I decided to see if it could work as a desk space.

This morning Alan and I spent some time cleaning off the shelves in the office and moving some furniture around. Whereas the two leather chairs sat in the corner, one is now in the dining room where the Christmas tree has been and the other is in the corner where a bunch of junk was piled. And the corner where the chairs were? Why, I've got a desk space.

I still need to get a lamp and a chair that's actually comfortable, but so far it's a pretty decent start. And best of all, so far it's free.

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  1. I love it, B. It looks really nice by the window (and worth so much more than $40)!


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