Thursday, February 24, 2011

because i'm hard like that

So, back in the day I was a cute little blonde thing, on my junior high dance team, in a town that had real gangs and wearing certain colors actually meant something. Raiders gear? Hell no.

Our dance team would go to competitions against richer schools and you'd immediately see the difference between their schools and our school. They were the sanitized Glee version, dancing to remixes of whatever was on America's Top 40, while we'd break it down to Rob Base and NWA. Yes, *that* NWA and yes, I'm absolutely serious. Afterward we'd listen to the judges comments and whenever we'd perform this particular routine we'd get some interesting commentary about our choreographer's choice of music. We'd also usually take first place. Needless to say, early on I developed a healthy appreciation for the art that was rap and knew that Dre & Cube were masters at their craft.

Imagine my excitement then when today via the Twitters I came across an article about Ice Cube and The Roots performing "Straight Outta Compton" together on The Jimmy Fallon Show. If you're at all a fan of early, West Coast rap, I implore you to give this video a watch, or 100 watches.