Wednesday, September 03, 2014

September is not Autumn in the Bay Area

I'm having a love/hate relationship right now with all the bloggers out there who live in colder climes with actual seasons who are talking about cool nights and leaves changing colors. I love that you're sharing this information, but I hate you too because you get to experience it and I don't. Here in Oakland, we have a weird summer that goes through mid-September, then we have an even weirder autumn where temps are even warmer than they are during "summer." Two Halloweens ago it was 80 degrees while I was handing out candy to trick or treaters. I can't win here in our little pocket of the left coast. Please, keep on posting though so that I can live vicariously through you ... and hate you just a little bit at the same time.

Carslile Reservation at Lorain County Metroparks
October 2009

Halloween 2009 Ohio

autumn in ohio october 2009

All Images © casacaudill



  1. I just moved to the desert not long ago and I think our summers have been lasting until October. It's a bit wretched and I agree with you--every time someone from the East Coast snaps photos of their autumn leaves, it makes me a little envious. Then again, when they're complaining about the awful winters, I get to sit back and enjoy the mild weather we always have. Love the photos!

  2. I grew up in the desert so I am too well aware of the long, dry, hot summers there.

    Here's a little secret: I love the snow and would give up my right ovary (ha!) to live in a place with long, snowy winters.

  3. Oh, and I took the photos in October 2009 at a park near my sister. Every year they do a really amazing Halloween walk through the woods.


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